How can i Install APK Games with OBB (Cache File) on Android?

How can i Install APK Games with OBB (Cache File) on Android?
How can i Install APK Games with OBB (Cache File) on Android?

If you are a regular visitor who is looking for and downloading games out of Play Store, you will encounter Android games with OBB File. Do you know how to install Game with OBB File? In this article, we would like to tell you everything about this topic.

What is OBB File?

DATA, or commonly known as Cache memory, is composed of various files such as audio, graphics, game scripts. It is a mandatory condition to run the game. Usually, Android games are light (less than 100M), so you can install them easily with an APK file.

However, with the heavy Android games (a few hundred MB to a few GB), it is not so simple. In addition to APK files, they usually come with a DATA file in OBB format. You need to install this OBB file if you want the game to work properly. However, not everyone knows how to handle this kind of file.

If you download a game from Play Store, the OBB file will load automatically as soon as you install the game without having to do anything. However, if you want the mod, unlock features… you have to download them on the Internet. At this point, to install the game, you need to handle these OBB files. We will guide you on how to do this. The instructions below will help you install any game with OBB File.

What do you need?

  • An Android device running Android 4.0 or higher.
  • You have already uploaded the necessary game (APK and OBB) files.
  • Having enough memory space to extract and store game.
  • An application that supports decompressing OBB files (We recommend using File ES Explore on Android or Winrar on PC).


That is everything you need. We start to learn the process to install the game.

How to install the game with OBB File?

If you use a PC:

Make sure you have installed Winrar and downloaded the OBB file then Install the game’s APK file as normal.

#1.  Connect your device to your PC via USB. Do not forget to select “Transfer File” mode. Now open My Computer, if you see the device icon, you have connected your device successfully.

#2.  Now go back to the OBB file of the game you downloaded. Double click on it to open it with Winrar.

#3.  Next, click on the directory that you see below. Noting that these directories usually have names beginning with “com.ABC“, then selecting “Extract“.

#4.  Select the location where you want to extract the file and then click OK. Wait a few seconds for this process to complete.

#5.  Copy (Ctrl + C) or Cut (Ctrl + X) the folder you just extracted.

#6. You now access the Device on your PC. Browse to the Android/OBB directory and paste the copied folder (Ctrl + V).

#7. All done. You can open the game and enjoy it now.

If you use Mobile:

Using any file manager, we recommend “ES File Explorer / Manager PRO“.

First, you need to install the game’s APK file as normal.

#1. Open ES File Explorer / Manager PRO then navigate to the folder containing the game’s OBB file.

#2. Touch to open it then Select “ES Zip View” to access the file.

#3. Look for the directory containing the OBB file of the game, which is usually named ““.

#4. Hold to select the folder, press the Extracts icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

#5. Select “Choose Path“. Click on “/ sdcard /”

#6. Then browse to the Android / OBB / directory.

#7. Select OK to unzip. Wait a few seconds to complete. All done!


Hope you have understood how to install Android game with OBB File. Remember, you can use any File Manager application (ES File Explorer is not required). Just make sure that the OBB file is properly extracted to the Android / OBB directory. If you have any questions, do not forget to leave a comment below!