ADORABLE HOME – Easy come – Easy go ?

ADORABLE HOME - Easy come – Easy go ?
ADORABLE HOME – Easy come – Easy go ?
Cute Couple from ‘Adorable Home’ game sitting romantically in winter with beautiful decorations and pets.
Top 10 on Google play trending!

Over 5 Millions downloads on 1st month.

Over 100 thousands of people on 2 huge social gamer groups in VietNam and hundreds of gameplay videos on Youtube all around the world.

The game have launched in Jan, 9th from Mexico called “ Adorable Home”. Few weeks later, this game become a big trending game and have lots of attention from people all over the world. First, people know them just from a very normal way: the word of mouth from friends to friends.

After that, it turn to posts sharing on Facebook and it grow faster and faster from many social networks and reach to over 5 Millions of downloads just for 1 month. (from Mexico – Asia and other USA – European countries). This game is a game of imagination, lifestyle and love. A family game which very easy to play and fit with everyone and every ages. Not only easy but this game also really adorable like the name of it.

It’s a game with couple life style and dream house and it very popular and suitable for couples who are planning for future life. The game with dream house and dream life for all the couples.

And if you love pets, especially kittens, THIS GAME IS FOR YOU! There are many moments you take care, feed and cuddle you pet. You even have a camera which you can use to take ALL THE CUTEST MOMENTS and save it to albums.

You can have a perfect imagination life, and you can save all the MEMORIES. The most important and different of the game from other games is what to do pay for living. Not just money like others, it depend on your love. More love more gain. When you and your partner eat, take care each other, or take care you pets and feed your pets. LOVE & HEART INCREASE. And you use those love for every you want to buy and it make the game unique than others.


This game is hotter and hotter everyday and many kind of posts and screenshot of this game from many people from many countries. 

The reason why this game can get more and more popular and attracting gamers is you can make a love castle from your own creative and many little girls and boys who love cast and dogs so much but they can’t have a cat or a dog because their home is very small or their parents not allowed them to have a pets so they really love these kind of game.

Not only those benefits, you can also create your own life and even this game are  help the  LGBT to play and have fun like normal couples. Some of the reason is very simple just because the character do something funny or something strange, sometimes just because the face of the pets is so cute or haughty faces of the pets in the very adorable way.

This game is an offline game, and the gameplay is repeat multi times of these actions:  take care your partner, feed and bath the cat, take photos… just do those actions repeatedly. So you guys think can this game can be popular and can increase millions of people every months like this forever? I think they can if they upgrade the game with more kind of furnitures-pets, more of missions in game; or gamers can visit your friends so the game both off-online so it can increase more and more and can stand forever.
More lost more gain, heart never end!!!
We have a really unique function called: more lost more gain. 
Everytime you buy anything your heart will increase instead of decrease and your heart will never end. You can do everything and buy every pets, furnitures and decorations to have a perfect gameplay and best life ever.
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